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Yaş : 28, İkizler , Türkiye, İstanbul, Beykoz, Göztepe
I am a guy who is looking for some change and new experiences in life.I used to live in Australia but I live in Turkey at the moment. I like travelling a lot. I am sure you will not be ashamed of walking with me or having dinner in a luxury restaurant. I like going to clubs and parties. I also like motorsport and I join some rallies myself. I am ready to take it slowly or as fast as you want. Of course, I am always open for new friendships in the sense of honesty. I have friends almost all over Turkey and in some other countries, but as I said I am ready to all new friendship offers. We will not loose anything for meeting and knowing each other, if we can not get along, no one can force noone to be friends forever
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