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Kaydolmak Hem Kolay Hemde Sadece 1 Dakika Zamanınızı Alır. Cancellation Policy

We know that as professionals you’re busy and sometimes things come up and you may need to pull out of an event. Unlike some other companies, we remove the risk of early registration with one of the best cancellation policies out there!

If you can not attend an event please contact us straight away via email: [email protected]

Refund Policy:

  • If you let us know 1 week or more in advance of the event date you are entitled to a FULL refund.

  • If you let us know 6 days before the event we can simply reschedule you to another event date within six months at no extra charge.

  • If you let us know just 24 hours before the event then we cannot issue any refund. However we highly encourage you to have a friend take your place! aims to provide each of our clients with the best experience possible. This means ensuring we have a full-field of participants and equal numbers of men and women. If you don’t show up and do not contact us before the event so we can get someone to fill your spot, then your registration fee is non-refundable.

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